Upcoming Events

Dying with Dignity: Death Matters Series
Virtual presentation on Death-Positive Culture
Presented by Quinn Hunter of Hunter Funerals
Thursday, May 19, 7pm via zoom (no cost)

I Am Festival
Hunter Funerals will host a Death Café, as well as provide various installation experiences to encourage thoughtful contemplation of mortality and its role in supporting a vibrant outlook on life.
August 12-14, 2022



Death is a highly personal experience, and there is no right or wrong way to grieve. We believe that having a support system in place is the best way to ease the burden for everyone. A holistic plan encompasses the time prior to death, through the time of the funeral, and into the weeks beyond. It is important also to consider the needs and desires of the person dying, as well as those that will be caretaking and grieving.

Hunter Funerals would be honoured to walk you through making your own personal plan. To get you started, we have compiled this list of resources to explore.


Death doulas, or end-of-life doulas, support people throughout the dying process. Doula is a Greek word meaning servant or helper. The type of support provided to each client will be different based on their needs and desires, but the aim of a death doula is to educate people and empower them to make decisions that will bring comfort and dignity to the dying.

You can read more about death doulas on the End of Life Doula Association of Canada website.


We recommend Michelle Stokotelny of The Spirit Guided Path, who offers end-of-life doula services in the Winnipeg area.


The Village Casket Maker


I am just thrilled that Winnipeg has The Village Casket Maker as part of our community. Rick is such a friendly, passionate, and caring business owner. His products are environmentally conscious, beautiful, well-made and far more affordable than the typical options available at most funeral homes. Rick provides caskets as well as urns, all hand-made in his workshop at his home here in Winnipeg. We can do all the leg-work and provide one of Rick's pieces for you, or you can visit his workshop to view his work for yourself and make a selection. Check out his website to see all his products and read his story ~ this is a real local gem!


Palliative care is provided through the Winnipeg Regional Health Authority to individuals who have received a terminal diagnosis and are expected to live approximately 6 months or less. A doctor must refer the individual to Palliative Manitoba in order for the individual to be assessed and a care plan developed. Palliative care can be provided in your home, a personal care home, a hospice facility, or in the palliative care ward in a hospital. Here are some resources to explore if you or someone you love is facing this situation.