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Forest Path

Join the movement!

Hunter Funerals is knowledgeable about the principles of green burial, and even without any certified green cemeteries in the province, we can help you to take small steps to improve the sustainability of your death care plan. Education and public awareness of green burial is a passion of ours, and we love speaking to groups! If you have any questions about green burial, or are part of a group that would be interested in an information session, please

 send us a message to get the conversation started.

Hunter Funerals is active in a growing movement to provide Manitobans access to green burial, and we believe that this will be most successful as a community-owned initiative. We are a founding member of Return to the Earth Green Burial Co-op, which aims to bring green burial to Manitoba, as well as educate the public on green burial and other sustainable, family-centered death-care practices. Please consider joining the co-op to support access to green burial in Manitoba. 

Click here to visit the Return to the Earth website.


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