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Meet the
Funeral Director

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Quinn Hunter, CPA, CMA, is a death care consultant, licensed funeral director and owner of Hunter Funerals. It was while helping her mother with her funeral pre-planning that Quinn discovered that the industry did not offer anything that fit their values and budget. The conversations sparked by that meeting set Quinn on a new career path, where she feels honoured to serve her community in such a meaningful way. She is passionate about facilitating conversations about death, educating people about their options and supporting people in creating end-of-life experiences that are sacred, meaningful and authentic to each individual. 

Hunter Funerals is a new approach to death care. Read about our philosophies below, check out our calendar of events, or call us any time to chat about our services, we'd love to hear from you! 


We think we're different, and here's why.

We believe every individual and every family deserves to be more involved and in control of their experiences at the time of death.

We go through all of your options with full transparency, answer all of your questions, and guide you in creating a funeral that best fits with your values, wishes and budget. We believe the best time to have these conversations is at the same time that you create a will. Many funeral homes will encourage "pre-planning," but their main focus will be on pre-paying. At Hunter Funerals, we understand that the financials are just one component of being prepared. We help you to make a holistic plan, easing the burden on your loved ones not only after your passing, but during the difficult stages prior to death as well.

We believe that sustainability should be a primary consideration in all aspects of life, including death.

Making decisions that are good for our planet are easier than you think. Avoiding embalming and using a biodegradable casket are the two main tenets of a natural burial and fit easily into most people's plans. These principles apply equally to a cremation. And we are doing our part too; sustainability is a core value we honour in all our business decisions.

We believe that even "direct cremations" can and should be infused with meaning and sacredness.

There are many reasons that people may choose to cremate without viewing the body or holding a formal funeral. But even a cremation without fanfare is a sacred task that we are honoured to have bestowed upon us. We have various suggestions as to how the family can be involved, up to and including travelling with the deceased to the crematory and witnessing the casket's entry into the cremation chamber if that would be of comfort to you.

We believe that the funeral is just a small part of a much larger grief process that should be honoured in its entirety. 

Although a funeral is an important and meaningful event, many families feel that after the hustle and bustle of those few hours, they are left with all of the same feelings of pain and loss with very little support. We like to help families make a plan which honours the needs of the grieving in a more holistic way. We encourage families to spend time with their deceased loved one to help process the new reality, to bathe and shroud them, sing, pray, tell stories. The timeframe that feels right for this step is different for each family. And of course, the grief is not gone once the body is laid to rest. Our plans help to build a team that will support your loved ones in practical ways in the difficult weeks ahead.

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