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Shane Corey Granovsky

Born ~ November 4, 1975

Date of Passing ~ November 22, 2022

It is with great sadness we announce the passing of Shane, with his wife and his mother at his side.

Shane will be lovingly remembered by his wife Leanne, his daughter Brianna, his mother Hendrika, his brothers Brian (Erin), Shawn (Shannon), niece Ashley, and his in-laws, Richard and Marion Mantay. Shane was predeceased by his father, Harry.

The following is a eulogy given by Leanne at a private service held for Shane:

Today we come to honor and remember the life of Shane. My husband passed away eleven

months after his loving father (Zaida) passed away in December of last year. It’s surreal. My

family is still dealing with the raw heartache from Zaida’s death and now we are all feeling the

pain from Shane’s as well. They both have left a void in our hearts. It’s been a tough year so far,

so I want to thank you all for coming out to remember Shane and to support this family once

again while we are all trying to come to terms with such a great loss.

I know many people could not make the trip to Saskatoon to see Shane for many different

reasons. I know there are many others who wish they could be here today. I sat at Shane’s bed

and talked with him in the hospital and reminisced about our time together. At times, I was

sure that Shane heard and reacted to what I was saying. I’m certain that he knew that mine and

his mother’s love surrounded him in his last days. And, to me, that was very precious.

Thank you to everyone for being here for us and for Shane today. Shane was a sincere and warm person. He was a son, a brother, a husband and a wonderful father. He was a close friend, a joker, very stubborn and an excellent trucker. To many in his life he was a listener, a shoulder to cry on and a hand to hold. To me he was my best friend. When Shane and I met almost 12 years ago, he was on a trip to the USA. We talked for days on the phone. But when he doctored his log book to get back into the city to meet me 24 hours earlier, I was super impressed. We met on Dec 24, 2010.

One hard thing I’ve learned about losing someone dear is having to go through their belongings.

I acknowledge that this act brought back memories that warmed my heart. In spite of the fact

that this year has been hard and tragic and difficult to endure, this year has been also full of

love, last moments and memories. I cherish these memories of love and they bring me comfort.

I hope that each of you can reflect on the memories we have of Shane and that these memories

will bring you comfort, also. We will love you forever, Shane.

“Your shift is over driver, the other drivers will take your load from here.” Rest easy Shane!

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