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Ingrid Leonore Julia Misner

Date of Birth ~ November 14, 1973

Date of Passing ~ May 9, 2024

Beloved mother, daughter, sister, cousin, friend and über talented professional photographer, Ingrid passed away peacefully at Victoria General Hospital in Winnipeg (May 9, 2024) with her daughter and immediate family at her side, after a fierce and courageous battle with cancer.

Born in North York (Toronto), to Brigitte Misner (née DeCokere, 1934, Belgium, – 2002, Toronto) and Udo Misner (1937, Germany; Toronto), Ingrid was proudly a first generation Canadian. A few weeks ago, in an intimate conversation, she reflected upon her own appreciation of the sheer majesty, beauty and privilege of growing up on the Indigenous lands and Territories where her European parents had settled, thrived, met, married, grown a family, and she had had the love, encouragement, freedom, and grace to grow into an independent woman with a family, a business, and her own voice. Ingrid was a Feminist, in the truest sense of the word: believing all humans, no matter their gender, sexual preferences, beginnings, transitions, or any other factors contributing to their identity, are equal.

Ingrid arrived with a head of flaming red hair, remembers being a curious kid who always looked up to her older brother Steven, and felt safe as well as unconditionally loved at home. Fond of family time, family traditions (especially around high holidays), camping, and game nights together, Ingrid’s formative years as the youngest of the Misner family set her up for life and built a solid foundation from which she found her core strength and her own resilience – tools she would need when in her 20’s, her beloved mother, Brigitte, passed away and then more recently, in her own final hours. 

Along with her mother Brigitte, Ingrid is also predeceased by grandparents, Urbain and Maria DeCokere, Heinrich and Leonore Misner, and darling pooch Weston; she is survived and missed by her daughter, Joone Forzley, father, Udo Misner (Betty), brother, Steven Misner (Michelle), Onkel Rainer (Tanta Veronica), nieces and nephews Stefan & Gabriella, Mikaela & Rebekah, and cousins Tanja (Angelo), Andrea as well as her many friends and business colleagues across Canada.

Ingrid loved her family deeply as well as her life in T.O.. By the time she was ready for independence as a young adult, she was at Humber College’s Creative Photography program forging lifelong friendships with creative souls: Angelina, Brian, Byron, Chris, Greg, Holly, Joanne, Josh, Lisa, Stephan, and Venus - with a focus on commercial and fashion photography. She had an incredible eye for detail and design. According to Humber’s yearbook, when not at school, Ingrid could be found combing T.O. for models with nice abs or pecs, or looking for a good coffee shop. 

Ingrid enjoyed clubbing in T.O.'s late 80’s and early 90’s Goth and Industrial scene. She recently shared with her brother that she held these memories and experiences clubbing, especially on Sunday nights at The Limelight with Steven and her high school friends, Shaun and Dorothy, as some of her most treasured. Who knew that basements could be so much fun, that you’d want to go early and find yourself staying until close? Ingrid did.
Ingrid established her first studio in downtown Toronto where she shared the space with someone who would become a lifelong friend, Wolfgang.  All of Ingrid’s family and friends had been impressed that Ingrid was so grown up at that time, fashioning her independence and identity while fostering her creative experiences. When Wolfgang was touring with his band to various venues, Ingrid would bring her friends to be his groupies. Recently, Ingrid recalled a recent conversation with Shaun where they reminisced about ‘that time when Wolfgang was playing in Barrie’: Ingrid, in her pride-and-joy little red car, was not feeling well that night and didn’t think she could drive, but was not about to let something like a mere ‘bug’ stand between her and her support of her friend. Caught in the quandary of requiring someone else to drive her precious little red car or…not supporting Wolfgang’s gig…she reluctantly, but appreciatively, asked Shaun to drive. Ingrid was always ready to take one for the team and bring others. 

After graduation, in 1995, Ingrid travelled across Canada beginning her career as a professional photographer with gifted makeup artist and sidekick, Dara, who became her prairie-roaming shenanigan companion. They worked together as a fearless and dynamic beautification duo. They travelled many highway hours to Alberta’s salons where they provided glamour makeovers in shocking volumes. Somehow, they would arrive in matching outfits – for which Ingrid coined their shared nickname for one another. In Dara’s words, “She is my beloved Bobbsey Twin!”. Their connection was immediate because Ingrid was celebratory and giving. She showed up for people as a friend, and as a photographer. She captured some of life’s most pivotal moments with her expert eye, leaving a legacy of photographs that fill memory albums.

Her travels would eventually bring her to a new life in Winnipeg where she settled, then birthed two life-changing events: her daughter, Joone Forzley, as well as her 20+ year Prairie-based professional photography presence and business.  Both would be her pride, joys, and loves; both, she would consider her absolute life’s success(es)…although, if this was a race, and despite being named photographer of the year a few times in the early 2000’s, Joone would win because Ingrid said that her daughter is, has always been, and would always be #1 in her world. In her final days, Ingrid was asked what she was most proud of in this life, and without hesitation, she replied with a smile, “Joone”.
When Ingrid rebranded her business to Ingrid Misner Photography, she joined BNI, Business Networking International, to grow her confidence and connect with other local entrepreneurs and business owners. She soon found herself enjoying not only the camaraderie of other like-minded souls, but she found a dynamic network of individuals who support and promote local businesses. For the first few years, she was a participant before becoming President of BNI Nexus, her local chapter of the group. She was thrilled last year, when travelling to the UK, to connect with local chapters in England, and more recently in connecting with a chapter in the greater Cincinnati area.  One of her other crowning achievements in BNI was a one-on-one meeting with BNI founder, Dr. Ivan Misner (no relation). During the pandemic, Ingrid would attend many international BNI chapters around the world virtually. With her camera strategically off, and her name set to “I. Misner”, Ingrid knew this would raise many eyebrows on the screen (assuming Dr. Ivan Misner was in attendance); Ingrid knew this would be a great icebreaker when she turned her camera on and it came time for her to present. Ingrid believed that we should all actively support one another’s local businesses. Her relationship with her hair-God, Scott, was over 20 years; and her nail-Goddess, Marley, was over a decade - so she walked the walk by being a loyal customer too.

Her philanthropy included serving on the board of the Winnipeg Youth Orchestras, Winnipeg Arts Council, and more recently, she supported a 2023 Fringe Festival show featuring an all-neurodivergent cast and crew.

Ingrid loved music and the arts. She was a regular supporter of Winnipeg’s concert scenes, especially the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra (WSO), and attended various concerts with her daughter Joone, and her bestie Meg. The first Kaleo gig that Joone went to with her Mom would be the basis of this bestie-concert-based-relationship because, coincidentally, Meg was there - with her parents - and was just 3 rows over. They connected and the rest is history! 

Often after a night of board games, playing cards, and dinner, Ingrid frequently reminisced with Antony and her other bestie, Fiona (Kai and Ezri) about music and concerts that both Ingrid and Ant frequented in Toronto back in the day – the two of them would pull out their old ticket stubs, re-live memorable gigs, figure out the degrees of separation between people they knew, or the best moments heard on CFNY radio, while listening to Ingrid’s impressive music collection. Fiona would realize what she had missed by not knowing Ingrid sooner (thankfully, there would always be Winnipeg). Ingrid was incredibly proud of keeping Fiona safe, both in her (consciously latex-and-scent-free) home and on their road trips together…with Ingrid’s awesome playlists! We should all have friends this thoughtful, inclusive, cool, and funny. But don’t expect to win at cards - Ingrid was a shark.

In May 2023, Ingrid and her partner Chris, took what Ingrid called, before diagnosis, “a bucket list trip” to Europe, where they visited her mother’s coastal hometown in Oostende, Belgium. They took long-dreamt-of trains through Caen to Paris to Brussels and London.  Later, Ingrid drove around Scotland and Britain (visiting great friend, Mojdeh) in some delightful cars, including a Mini-Cooper and an MG that made her feel like a movie star. Whether she was capturing gobsmacking images or video of Stonehenge and European architecture, flying her new drone, or enjoying croissants in the quaint atmosphere of an outdoor Parisian street café while sipping café-au-lait, Ingrid was in her element. This was true joy. She called this trip the “highlight of my year” because, in addition to the adventures, she met family for the first time in Ghent, Belgium. This trip celebrated her milestone 50th birthday and her happiness. This trip would become ever more meaningful once she was diagnosed with cancer in Autumn 2023.
While Ingrid lived in Winnipeg for over 2 decades, Toronto always remained her heart and home – evidenced by her unwavering support of the Maple Leafs. But her Winnipeg friends don’t hold that against her…do we? ;) Know that Ingrid loved her life, her daughter, her family, her chosen family/kids, friends, and community in both Toronto and Winnipeg (ALL of you) and reflected on how lucky she was to feel at home in two cities.

Tante Ingrid (all family would honour Ingrid - she was so proud to be an Aunt) was always happy to come home to Ontario to visit her family. She always took the time to reach out to everyone and stay connected, despite living in another province. She would begin every message to her cousins in Toronto: “Hey cuz! Greetings from Winter-peg!” The cottage at Burnt River, one of Ingrid’s favourite Ontario spots, was always a source of joy, comfort, and fond remembrance for her. She loved to joke with her Uncle Rainer about the shortage of seats, with only 37 seats around the property (thoughtfully built so that all could enjoy the outdoors). Knowing the importance of memories together, she would gather the family together at each visit to take some new photographs. One of her favourite topics was joking about her Torontonian peeps not being able to handle a “true” Canadian winter like they have in Winnipeg (clearly now a true Winnipegger, her Winnipeg friends give Ingrid a nod of approval here, and say “riiiiiight!?!?”) That said, she always knew who the best hockey team was (go Leafs go!) After one of her most recent family visits, she said, “I miss you all so much.” You’ll always be missed, Ingrid. Always.

We should all know the love of a great father, and Ingrid knew that she was fortunate and blessed that she did. She often spoke of her own “Daddy” (pronounced “Doddy” – the German way) with the kind of reverence, respect, and love that all of us, as parents, might hope to have our own children do. The love and respect goes both ways. Udo “Daddy” Misner has always spoken proudly of his daughter and the gift of the grand-daughter (niece and cousin) that Ingrid grew, loved, and protected for the family and this world. In being proud of his daughter’s artistry and design talents, Udo’s always known that the apple does not fall far from the tree; he’s always known that because of his “printing” talent (Uncle Rainer’s also a printer), Ingrid comes by her “artistic” chops, honestly. In fact, both he and Rainer often bragged about that. Hahaha!

Ingrid’s love of whimsical things means that some of us will forever look at pistachio butter, coffee, masks, turtle shells (from Daddy), lobster traps (from a memorable childhood trip), camera-shaped plant holders, or her showing up on your doorstep with life-sized metal goats, metal garden flowers and so much more, with fond memories. Ingrid grabbed things that moved her or she thought would amuse others but always with that twinkle in her eye and her playful, wry crocodile smile. 

Thank you beautiful girl, for blessing us with your radiance, competitive but playful game playing, your passion for a good story and photo (often, but not always, the same thing), your love of coffee from every corner of the globe, Swiss Chalet, for fearlessly trying new things, not being afraid to say out loud that Céline Dion sounds like someone swinging a cat by the tail, standing up against tyranny, supporting yourself and daughter, your family and friends, for knowing what you like, love, and for unapologetically embracing absolute decadence in the moment. 

Ingrid, we miss you and your incredible sense of whimsy and profound artistry. We miss the love and light that you brought to our world.

Our deepest and most profound gratitude to the doctors, nurses, health care aides at Cancer Care Manitoba and the Victoria General Hospital, Ingrid’s end of life care team (Joone, Meg, Steven, Leslie, Wolfgang, Riley, Dara, Mikaela, Rebekah, Maddy, Adrienne and those that supported them), and the many special family and friends, both local and who travelled from far distances, to support Ingrid’s relentless perseverance during her swift and intense illness.

A cremation has taken place with arrangements by Hunter Funerals. Please join us in a Celebration of Ingrid’s Life, on Saturday June 8th, 2024 at 1:30pm at the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Winnipeg, 603  Wellington Crescent. In honour of Ingrid’s zest for life, we will play her favourite music, and invite those to attend to wear her favourite colour: ORANGE!! Also, please help us to maintain a scent-free environment at this event. If you would prefer to join us online, the service will be broadcast on Zoom:

A second celebration will take place for friends and family in the Toronto area in the autumn – Ingrid’s favourite season. You are invited to join us on Saturday, October 5, 2024 at 1:30pm at the Wilmot Creek Community, 1 Wheelhouse Drive in Newcastle, Ontario.

In lieu of flowers, please consider making a donation to CancerCare Manitoba.
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I am so incredibly honored to have met Ingrid, and to have gotten to know her better in the last year. She was a woman after my own heart in many aspects, we were alike. Her taste in music, and going to concerts. Her love for traveling and experiencing new cultures. Her spark for throwing the best parties, with games and prizes! (Her 50th). She was always up to getting out on the town, even last minute, to a movie or comedy show. She was a humble and natural leader, and an inspiration for embracing life and all the beautiful things it has to offer.

"A thousand moments that I had taken for granted - mostly because I had assumed…


Ingrid was an amazing woman! Always positive, always willing to be help. I was honored and happy our paths crossed!

She was not a quitter and put up a good fight at the end! Her personality will forever live in her work!

I'll miss her! Ben


Ingrid and I were good friends and roommates in Alberta in the mid 90’s. (Yeah, the Glamour Magic years)

We rollerbladed all over Edmonton, visited any cool markets we could find, and often walked to Earl’s for yummy dinners.

A couple of my favourite memories with Ingrid were a spontaneous (as in Friday, “Hey Robin, let’s drive to Vancouver tonight”) weekend road trip from Edmonton 🚗 and a very eventful weekend whitewater rafting/camping trip. (Again very spontaneous)


Ingrid, I wish we had met in person more times, but distance was not our friend! Soar to great heights my friend. xo Buffie


Fae Smiff
Fae Smiff
May 20

It would be really lovely to know how folks knew, or met, or loved Ingrid! I know for me, personally, I was naked the first time we met. I mean, it's not how the two of us normally met others but we were doing a nude pregnancy shoot. BAHAHAHA <3

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